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Pe, 21.04.2016

President's Messages

Distinguished members; Our Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1969.I wish healthy life for those who have mercy on those who have left us from the executives who have served until today. We are grateful for the contributions of Hopa CCI coming today. In June 2013 we had our dream to manage. We came out with the authority that you members gave us. We have defined our Mission and Vision.
MISSION: To produce projects that are transparent and based on accountability principle, providing quality services to its members and to the demands of the region and serve them, serve as rooms connected with honesty values.
VISION: Opening and supporting Hopa's commercial and industrial development, helping to raise standards of prosperity and quality, creating a reliable and reputable institution.
Distinguished members, while waiting for our internal and external problems to be resolved, we want the first agenda of our country to be economy. We believe that the increase in trade affects prosperity and peace positively. For this reason, it was important that HOPA TRADE AND INDUSTRY ODASI was accepted as a reputable institution.
We started our work with the construction of the service building project. We produced projects. As project partner we received support from General Manager of Hopa Liman, Meriç Burçin ÖZER. We moved our oem to domestic and international business trips. We will continue to carry it.
Our projects:
- Service building project; 85% completed
- Cruise tourism project; In stage 3
- Innolu Street Grand Bazaar Project; Project is over, charitable investor is expected.
- Shallowed Waterfalls participating in tourism destination 
- Providing tourism to church in Kemalpaşa 
- OSB made in the house; Zemiz study and sketch work continues 
- Hopa - Batum Railway project; The project deemed appropriate by the ministry.
Attention to investment plan We applied TOBB to become an accredited chamber in July 2015 in order to make these studies more planned. 
We got accepted. In January 2017 we will receive an accredited room title to provide five star service to our members. 
Chairman of the Board