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Pe, 21.04.2016

Chamber Registry

Its Duties and Responsibilities are;
To prepare documentation related with exchange of information among the Chamber and the institutions, 
To store the stationary materials procured by the chamber and to supply them to the relevant units,
To perform the routine transactions of the members (Bag-Kur, Document etc.)  at the Department of Documentation,
To follow and determine the real and legal persons who should be registered to the Chamber according to the legislation,
To complete preparation studies for the members to be classified and graded and to perform necessary transactions in accordance with the decrees taken by the Board of Directors, 
To prepare and keep registry files of members, to keep registry books, to follow up and determine changes in membership status and to perform required transactions, 
To sort titles of the members in alphabetical order and in occupational groups, 
To prepare documents based on registry records such as activity documents, registry copies, tender status documents, local request documents, documents showing that they are not ostracized from profession, etc requested by the members, 
To determine the members of whom registries should be cancelled and debts to be cancelled, 
To make necessary preparation studies to allow election works to be executed in an uninterrupted and problem-free manner during periods of election of Occupational Committees, 
To prepare the forms requested by members due to their relations with Bağ-Kur (Social Security Organization for Artisans and Self-Employed) in conformance with Chamber registry records, 
To make correspondences with all public bodies and organizations and to give necessary responds, 
To archive the performed transactions and keep files, 
To perform other jobs assigned by General Secretariat, 
To make Current Market Rate (Price) determination, 
To provide assistance to colleagues in need,
To be responsible for working with colleagues in the team spirit,
To present a report in line with the request of Board of Directors,
To be responsible from implementation of legal legislations related with its responsibilities,