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Pe, 21.04.2016

Public Relations Department

Its Duties and Responsibilities are;
To provide all coordination activities in between the Chamber and press and to provide announcement of all activities to public,
To issue Bulletin once within every 6 months, 
Chamber serves as a bridge in between members to introduce mission and vision of the chamber and to transfer the expectations of the members, 

To take charge in meetings such as seminars, conferences related with various subjects and to arrange organizations, 

To take charge in studies related with Meetings of Occupational Committees, 

To be responsible to keep web site of the Chamber updated, 

To prepare the magazine issued by the Chamber and to provide supplier coordination, 

To monitor daily newspapers and news portals and to prepare reports which have a significance in national and regional scale, 

To announce press bulletin and to provide this bulletin to be included in press and to monitor the bulletin, 

To form press archives,

To organize advertisements to be given to the press, 

To record names of participants in all organizations, 

To provide participants lists and trainer evaluation forms to be filled out at the end of trainings, 

To inform members by e-mail or by fax about the information which is received by the Chamber and which is related with members or of which members require to know and not only by placing these information to web site,

To prepare the speeches / presentations to be made by the President or hid Deputies at the meetings,

To access and file all speeches made during meetings and to prepare a final report, 

To serve actively in determination of Member Satisfaction, 

To keep records related with Customer Satisfaction and to make / to allow others to make related analysis, 

To be responsible from Chamber introduction activities, 

To monitor fairs and exhibitions and to announce them to the members, 

To take charge in execution of Chamber Strategic Planning activities, 

To prepare in coordination with quality management representatives in preparation of documents of all accreditation and quality management system, 

To prepare and perform questionnaire together with Quality management representative for members and personnel once in every 6 months and to prepare report about this questionnaire results,

To provide assistance to colleagues in need,

To be responsible for working with colleagues in the team spirit,

To present a report in line with the request of Board of Directors,

To perform other works assigned by General Secretariat, 

To be responsible from implementation of legal legislations related with its responsibilities.