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Pe, 21.04.2016

Directorate of Accounting

RIts Duties and Responsibilities are;
To perform transactions related with collection of registry fees and annual contributions and to provide collection of these annual contributions within the year they have to be collected and to take necessary precautions for them not to be prescribed, 
To follow up all kinds of receivables and rights of the Chamber and to execute collection transactions of them, 
To collect various Chamber incomes which accrue due to Regulations and Parliament decisions and to execute and follow up transactions related with them, 
To provide notification for members about annual contribution and regular contribution and to provide collection of these contributions against receipts and to find out new addresses of the members who have not been found at their mentioned addresses,
To perform collection and payments against the receipts sent to the directorate, 
To make cash count at the end of each working day and to prepare cash report and to present this report to the approval of General Secretariat after approval and signature of Accounting Department is taken, 
To keep cash at the amount specified by the Board of Directors,
To prepare documents about members, 
To collect member contributions, 
To perform other works assigned by General Secretariat, 
To determine and evaluate status and changes related with equities, debts and receivables of the Chamber in accordance with Regulations of Documents prepared by TOBB and to keep accounting records in accordance with the principles allowing the results to be shown, 
To prepare annual balance table and annual budget, final account and related reports and to prepare transfer proposals among terms and articles which are due or of which collections are completed, 
To prepare payment vouchers to allow the expenses to be made in accordance with budget, regulations and provisions of this Directive and decrees of Parliament and Board of Directors and to make payments in accordance with these payment vouchers and to keep related documents, 
To perform the transactions such as taking tickets, preparing insurances, realization of travel allowances and offset of travel allowances for the persons who shall participate in meetings as a representative of the Chamber, 
To take all kinds of precautions to protect, maintain and repair the building, equipment and fixed assets and to keep fixed asset logbooks and to perform necessary transactions for the ones to be deleted from the record after the approval of General Secretariat is taken, 
To prepare payrolls, to follow up tax payments, to follow up retirement fund premiums, unemployment insurances, 
To execute all other transactions related with incomes and expenses of the Chamber in accordance with Laws, Rules and Directives, 
To provide assistance to colleagues in need,
To be responsible for working with colleagues in the team spirit,
To be responsible from implementation of legal legislations related with its responsibilities,
To perform other works assigned by General Secretariat,