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Pe, 21.04.2016

Our Quality Policy

Our chamber, which is in the position of leader in opinion in the region, aims to place its members into the position of global actors and for this purpose our policy goals are;
To present our services with a contemporary management approach that embraces principles of transparency, impartiality and accountability in line with the needs and expectations of our members, within the framework of the provisions of Law 5174 and related legislation and TOBB Chamber Stock Exchange Accreditation Criteria,
 To become a member of strong networks in national and international fields and to create sectoral networks among our members,
 To develop policies and lobby activities that contributes to the development of our region,
 To take an active role in all platforms to protect the rights and interests of our members,
 To make accessible every kind of information that our members require to access,
 To create strong collaborations with our stakeholders,
 To enhance our corporate performance by improving the competencies of our employees, and
To continuously improve our quality infrastructure.