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Pe, 21.04.2016

Our History


Hopa Trade and Industry Chamber has also begun to serve for the same purpose with the attempt of deceased businessman Osman KÜÇÜKALI, Hüsnü BIYIKLI, Cevdet OSMANOĞLU, Rıza CANDEMİR, Muammer ARI, Nuri BAGDATLI, Cemal AKBIYIK, Rüştü TOPALOĞLU and other businessmen with 245 members and 5 professions in 1969. Our chamber which has been operating as a tenant until 1995 has continued to serve in its 84m2 office in Hopa Business Center which has been purchased on this date. Finally, in 2001, with the liquidation of the Turkish Commercial Bank , the 4-storey building belonging to the Hopa branch has been purchased but the reconstruction has started and until this reconstruction works are completed we are serving temporarily at 2nd Floor of the building at which İŞ BANK serves at the 1st floor. Since the last quarter of 2016, Hopa CCI has been moved to the new service building at Turgay Ciner Street Apt: 6. The service building consists of 10 floors including a terrace. It has 3 conference rooms, 20 home offices, 2 shop floors, 1 and 2 floors Hopa TSO Units, 3rd floor accreditation class, press office and KOSGEB class. The service building is a complete smart building.