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Pe, 21.04.2016

Trade Registry Deparment

Its Duties and Authorities are:
Registry - To register the registration applicants in accordance with Turkish Trade Code,
Amendment – To make changes in the records of real and judicial persons in accordance with the related law,
Cancellation – To perform trade abandon works of commercial enterprises,
Accrual – To keep receipts in the registration, amendment and abandonment of commercial enterprises,
Official Correspondence – To be in official correspondence with all public institutions and organizations and to answer,
Review Confirmation – To examine and approve applications made in accordance with the law,
File Archive – To archive the performed transactions and keep the files,
To realize commercial enterprise pledge establishment,
To approve Bag-Kur forms of individuals or companies and to review the information that describes company partnership situations and confirms the correctness.
To organize the necessary documents (Authorization Document, Immovable Property Savings Certificate, Bankruptcy and Concordat Certificate, Trade Registration Certificate, Trade Registry Gazette) in line with the requests of the Company, Individuals and Cooperatives.
To verify the accuracy of the above-mentioned transactions, the approval and the work done by the Trade Registry Staff
 It is responsible for the execution and approval of all Trade register transactions.
Responsible for working with colleagues in the spirit of team spirit
Provides a report in accordance with the request received from The Board of Directors 
 Responsible for the implementation of legal legislation related with its department

The Trade Registry Office shall act in accordance with the sixth paragraph of Article 7 of the Trade Register Regulation.