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As a result of 1877-1878 Ottoman – Russian War, Kars, Ardahan, our county upto Kemalpaşa town including Batum have been left to Russians and Hopa and its environment has been affiliated to Rize Province after 1878. After county organization has been set up as of 1883, the county has been administered by this organization and during World War 1 as of February 23, 1915 it has been invaded by Russians. As of March 14, 1918 our troops have entered the county and have annexed the county back to Turkey. 

Our county has been affiliated to Rize Province upto 1936 and after this date it has been affiliated to Artvin province. At this date, Hopa had 3 districts and 71 villages but by 5071 numbered Code Fındıklı District has been separated from our county and has been county itself as of January 1, 1948. Later, as of June 1, 1954 dated and 6324 numbered Code Arhavi District has been separated from our county and has been county itself. 

Present name of Hopa has been given by Yavuz Sultan Selim. While he was Governor of Trabzon, he had launched an expedition to gain the lands of Batum and he had lodged at the mountains behind Hopa and while he was looking at the beach he had liked the places and named this place as “Hop” which has a meaning of “Beatiful” in Persian language. Later this name has been transformed to Hopa. 

Hopa Population

Hopa is the county of which population increase is the highest one amount the whole province by 5.43 % (in accordance with 1990 – 2000). Total population of the county is 32.584. Population of county center is 15.445 and population of affiliated villages is 17.139. Population of Kemalpaşa which is town municipality is 4.238. Surface area of the county is 289 square kilometer and population density is 154 person. According to 2008 data; total population is 31.728. Population of county center is 17.024 and population of affiliated villages is 14.704. Population of Kemalpaşa which is town municipality is 4.519. There are 6 districts of the county and 2 municipalities; county municipality and Kemalpaşa town municipality and 29 villages. Hopa has distributed residential settlements which is the general settlement property of Black Sea region especially for rural areas. 

Economic Structure of Hopa

At the agricultural fields of the county, cultivation of tea, hazelnut, citrus fruits, kiwi, black grapes are performed. Land structure of the county quite limits machinery agriculture. 

Throughout the whole county, mainly tea, hazelnut, corn, vegetables, citrus fruits, kiwi, are cultivated. Stockbreeding is not a commercially developed sector. Cattle farming and sheep and goat farming, apiculture and poultry farming are mostly performed for families and only for family consumption.  Fishing industry has an important place among economy of the county. 


Within the county, there are available 3 ea tea factories, 1 ea flour factory, 1 ea thermal power plant owned by TEİAŞ, Facility which is belonged to K.B.İ.A.Ş. and a POAŞ storage administration. 

There is also Hopa Harbor which has the substructure to give all kinds of harbor services and this Harbor which is at 15 km distance to Sarp Border Gate through which passage is provided to Republic of Georgia located at eastern border of Eastern Back Sea is established over approximately 100.000 meter square field managed by a private company has a significant importance within Hopa economy. After Sarp Border Gate has started to be used as of August 31, 1998, significant developments in social and economic relations have been monitored in between Artvin and independent states and mainly Georgia. 

Artvin has one of the most significant border gates of our country via import and export operations are realized through Hopa Harbor and  Sarp Border Gate. Transactions of General Directorate of Hopa Customs are executed by Hopa Customs Directorate which is in business at Hopa Harbor and by Sarp Customs Directorate which is in business at Sarp Border Gate. Coordination in between units active in Sarp customs area are provided by Sarp Local Authority. Services for Sarp Border Gate are provided by a total of 154 personnel who are employed by different units.